the studio

Hands down, I consider ManiSol Wedding to be my greatest professional achievement.

As I wrote in my about me page, the friendship that ties Alba and me goes back much longer than the time we started working together. At the very beginning of our wedding photography and videography career, we worked with many other photographers and videographers. We had our share of unpaid, unrecognized work – we paid our dues, so to speak, and like every beginning story, it was definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. We do value our first lessons and our first teachers, of course; however, it was clear to us that when we worked together, we came up with the best ideas and had the most fun, too.

Around 2016, we started receiving apprenticeship requests – in late 2017, we decided to officially partner up and create something together. Silvia, Valeria, and Luisa were the first to join us. 

We had – and still have – one goal in mind: our studio didn’t have to be a “cult of personality” type of enterprise, nor did we want anyone of us to feel exploited like we sometimes felt at the very beginning of our journey. We decided to structure ManiSol as a Collective of Photographers and Videographers: clearly, it’s Alba and I’s project so we put most of the work into it, but all of us – may they be seasoned professionals or young artists just starting out – shall feel valued, appreciated, cherished and seen. In short, we became a team, sharing all wins and losses, helping one another (and COVID was a clear example of that), and building each other from the start.

Now, ManiSol Wedding counts nine of us among photographers and videographers. We have been working all around Italy with national and international wedding planners, and our work is constantly published on the most important wedding blogs and magazines around the world. Teamwork makes dream work 🙂

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