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Selene Pozzer

I’ve always loved writing, but exactly as I find it almost impossible to self-shoot a photograph of myself and see my actual reflection there, I’ve always found it equally hard to write about myself without sounding.. unlike myself, somehow. 

Well, here we go, trying to write about myself and being as true to myself as I can possibly be in a monologue!

Starting from the biographical data: I was born in 1990, the eldest daughter of two high school sweethearts who got together when they were 15. My dad, Mauro, had always had a passion for photography and made it his profession in 1994 – the same year my sister was born.
Even though it would be romantic to say otherwise, I didn’t share his passion for photography for many many years. In fact, I shot my first intentional photographs when I was 19, a few weeks after my mom passed away.

My educational background has very little to do with what I do now – I studied at a scientific gymnasium, then graduated in European Languages and Cultures. I was at university when I first started to photograph: I took some History of Photography classes, started second shooting for my dad, and did all the work a young photographer could do (see: concerts, parties, portraits to my friends…)

Soon before getting my bachelor’s degree, I officially opened my business and gave it a go – if I hadn’t liked it, I thought, I could always go back to uni and get a Master’s degree. Long story short, that never happened!

In 2013, I started shooting my first weddings. Alba came with me once, and gave wedding videography a try – that’s pretty much the origin story of what later would become my greatest work-related pride and success, ManiSol Wedding. At the link “the studio“, I talk more in depth about it!

The two of us were friends long before even thinking about a possible career in the photography and videography business: fun fact, we met at a concert in early 2008, the same night I met my now-husband. I always say that if my life was a TV series, that would have probably been the pilot episode.

Note: my wedding photos and videos were shot and filmed by Valeria and Silvia from my team. I didn’t have to look far! 

Being this my professional website, this is the part where I should be talking about my professional achievements, the weddings I shot around the world, making my sales pitch, and reminding everyone I only work a limited number of events per year (so rush and book my services!). But as I was saying before, after many years of being in this business, much of it all sounds so repetitive, tired, and just fake. Therefore, here I am talking about something else entirely.

I have the firm belief that we are defined by the relationships we create, by the love we share, and by the little positive marks we leave while passing this lifetime. I have the absolute blessing of being surrounded by love, by people I have chosen and who chose me in return, who challenge me and accept me completely. In my spare time, I take time for the little things that warm my heart (“I heard someone say that your thirties are all about rediscovering what you loved as a thirteen-year-old and doing it again–but this time without the shame, without the judgment, and I think it’s true”) – I love cooking, I practice pole dance and yoga, read novels (mostly science fiction), do gardening, embroidery, play with my cat, travel to and with my friends, and – lately – I’ve rediscovered painting with watercolors. Lastly, I take part in various activities at my local community center – I’ve taught Italian classes to refugees, cooked and served community meals, and volunteered at my neighborhood’s social committee (with a particular eye on environment and civil rights). Needless to say, I’m a proud feminist, firmly anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ ally.
Can’t wait to meet you!

ciao! Selene

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